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HTML, an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language, is a simple programming language used by web designers to construct the basic structure of web pages. Described sometimes as the bones of a web site, HTML is often just a series of stacked boxes that create the various sections of a web page.

After these boxes have been created, CSS is used to beautify and create an interesting and visually appealing web experience for viewers. Learning both HTML and CSS are essential to becoming a web designer. Both of these simple programming languages are extremely versatile and used extensively in web development.

A wireframe is a visual representation of what the web page will look like when it is completed. Wireframes range from extremely simple as the pencil sketch shown in figure #1 above to more complex renderings, as shown in figure #2. These more complex wireframes usually show color schemes, patterns, backgrounds, icons and sometimes the exact text and images that will appear on the finished page. Figure #3 shows a fully populated wireframe created from a UI Kit that comes with Photoshop templates. · © 2017 · (619) 206-1799
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