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web-toolsWordPress is one of the most popular of today’s content management systems. Its ease of use and updating, many built-in features and a plethora of free templates and plugins to choose from makes WordPress an excellent choice for many web sites.

A template is like an empty house ready to be decorated and furnished. There are literally thousands to choose from including many free ones!

A plugin is a small software program designed to add additional functionality to a website and includes common features like contact forms, slideshows and SEO customization. There are also thousands to choose from including many free ones!

wordpressWhile the WordPress interface was originally created to simplify the complex process of creating a website, there are still problems and customizations better left to a professional. That’s where guys like us come in. We can design and build you a website from scratch, modify and/or customize your existing WordPress site or just help you learn how everything works so you can do it yourself. · © 2017 · (619) 206-1799
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