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homepage-visualWhen someone says, “Responsive Design” what are they really saying? Responding to what?

Responsive web site design means that the web pages automatically scales proportionally to the size device the viewer is using to view the site. Whether it is a desktop (landscape oriented or square), a tablet or a mobile device like a smart phone and now even wrist watches, the viewer can clearly see everything the designer meant for them to see.

This is very different that just a few years ago. For about five years developers struggled with this new technology because a different style sheet had to be written to accommodate each category of device. This made true responsive design very costly and wrought with problems. How were the devices that were right in the middle, not quite a tablet or smartphone size or not quite a desktop or tablet sized, to be coded?

Today we are past all that and many templates, both for conventional and CMS web sites, can be purchased already responsive. That means that all of the images, text and other elements on a web page automatically scale like they should, without any expensive modifications and customization. Because of the growing popularity and feature rich nature of mobile devices, in the not too distant future, all websites will be responsive. · © 2017 · (619) 206-1799
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