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web-designIt’s rare these days that anyone is moving towards hand coded websites when there are so many ready made frameworks available. Some of which are free. WordPress, for instance, has thousands of free templates that can be used to create your website. Add to this, thousands of plugins, many also free, that can be used to add additional functionality to your site. The best part is, with a little bit of training you can learn to maintain your own website.

Hand coded websites, on the other hand, start from a blank page, take much longer to develop, require the creator to know at least two programming languages and must be maintained by a professional after they are created.

Website design is a complex and evolutionary undertaking which starts with planning the architecture of the site. This includes how pages are laid out, where the links link to, where and how special features like slideshows, light boxes and contact forms will be implemented and thought about making the site both user and search engine friendly. These days websites should be adaptive as well as responsive since so many different operating systems and sized devices are used to view them.

Once the architecture of a site is mapped out, a general overall look and feel should be devised which includes typography, color scheme and branding. This should remain consistent throughout a site to promote usability for visitors. Another layer of complexity is addressed when interaction between the visitor and an external database must be processed. Examples of this would be logging into your account with a password and retrieving information for download.

browsersThere are many considerations when creating a website. Your best chance for success is to be organized, do a bit of research and find yourself some competent professional help. · © 2017 · (619) 206-1799
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